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Book Rant
Why am I just finding out now that Diana Norman a.k.a. Ariana Franklin died in January? I'm never going to know now what she had planned for that fifth book in here Mistress of the art of Death series which was so obviously set up at the end of the fourth.
Laurie R. King, I swear, Pirate King had better come out in September with a nice, pretty self contained story (you've been toying with cliffhangers recently too!) and then I'll be happy.
While we're talking about Laurie R. King, I really want to read the Language of Bees, but I haven't read the prescribed ten book buffer so as to spread out the Mary Russell goodness until September (what I'll do then once I've read Pirate King and have nothing to look forward to until the next book, I certainly don't know). I only have the language of bees and the god of the Hive left, you know.
That is all.

I'm such a child.

Shit's gonna get done today, boys! My crisis of faith/identity has more or less been resolved (knock on wood), and I didn't wake up today feeling exhausted. I feel ready to actually get something done. I sent off one assignment to my partner so she can edit it/send it back to me for revisions, and I'm kind of getting excited to start working on one of my papers (we'll just ignore the existence of the other three for the time being, how's that sound?).
so i'm gearing up to sit down, start watching Deadwood from the beginning again with my sister, and write about Mary Wollstonecraft, who was, without a drop of irony or sarcasm in my voice, a classy act and a great lady.
Small victories, m'dears.

Jesus, I'm tired today. Mother Nature decided to dump an ass-tonne of snow on us yesterday RIGHT when the snow was almost gone and spring was almost here, so I spent about two and a half hours yesterday standing outside waiting for stupid-late busses. Given that my backpack was heavy since I have seven hours of class stretched over eleven chronological hours on wednesdays, my back is stiff today.
Speaking of which:
exam schedule. Feel completely free to overlook thisCollapse )
Well, this didn't help when Alex and I got into a fight last night, which stretched into today. It's over now, I think, but I'm tired, sore and have so much work to do today.

Can I Gush?
I just finished Bernard Cornwell's the Winter King, and it was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!

Serious Medieval Lit Student Nerding Out Behind the Cut, Beware!Collapse )
Anyway, read it if you get a spare moment, it's really good and super badass.

You know what else is badass? I've been translating "the Battle of Maldon" for Old English, and Byrhtnoth (the 'th' is here because I don't have a thorn character on my keyboard [sad face]) is badass. like, super badass. Just sayin'.

Going to go try to do some homework. Keyword here being 'try'.

I had a bit of an identity crisis today. Nothing big or dramatic, but I'm questioning who I am and what I want to be. I'd been so sure, but it feels like I just woke up today and the past few years hadn't happened, I was right back to where I was when I started high school.
It was frustrating.

I really just feel like curling up and cuddling with my cat. Or failing that, you know, my boyfriend.

C'mon, how could you NOT want to cuddle with that?
It's too bad they're both in Belleville *glares*

Can I complain about how hard that is too? You'd think it'd get easier after three years of doing it, and I suppose it has in some ways, but I'm really just getting tired of it. I mean, it works, our relationship is fine, but I'm tired of having to say goodbye for months at a time, and sitting around the house all night talking to him on MSN. There are far worse things in the world, I know, but it still sucks.

In Which I Grow Balls
After about three months of thinking about it, I finally deleted my Facebook account yesterday. For a while now, I've been creeped out by things I've read about what they do with user's personal information, and the fact that anybody can see what I've posted. Privacy settings and deleting contacts, I know, I know, but that only takes care of so much. So anyway, let's see how long I can go without it. It's day 2 (or 1 and a half, I guess), and I don't miss it yet.


Also, because I have no life, last night I hung out with some of my friends and my prof in the middle of an isle at Walmart for an hour and a half. We talked, it was pretty sweet.

(no subject)
It's reading week. I'm in Belleville.
Who's surprised?

I probably won't get as much work done as I should, and I'm missing out of some outings (Jacqueline and Steff wanted to go to the ROM in Toronto on Tuesday, Megan has her reading week this week I think), but the only way I'd get down here is if I left on Saturday morning, and if I didn't, I might not see Alex until after we're done school.
Megan's going to be pissed off when she finds out I'm not in town, but I kind of don't care, she's been a pretty crappy friend lately.

For the sake of productivity, here's my to-do list for today:
1)annotate at least 3 sources for my annotated bibliography
2)take notes for 2 sources
3)send in my resume for the Trent job this summer

If I get these things done, I can read some Tintin (I downloaded eighteen of the comic books, I super excited, I loved the cartoon when I was little, but I've never read the source material).

And Again...
Today was more or less a repreat of yesterday, just replace Steff with Jacqueline and 'freaking out about cancer' with 'having an allergic reaction and getting herself all worked up over it'.

'Tis the season for students to be driving themselves insane, I suppose.

(no subject)
It's been a long day.

I had to walk to school because I missed the bus. It was only to the downtown campus, so it wasn't THAT bad, but I had a backpack full of books and stuff, so I was sweaty and cold by the time I got to school.
Then I only went to one class because Steff had a breakdown in between Old English lecture and seminar. She is convinced she has cancer again and felt isolated when Jacqueline snubbed her because she's getting a cold sore again (long story short: Jacqueline has an extremely irrational paranoia of cold sores which she NEEDS to get over, fast, it's ridiculous.). So Kate and I got her out of the cafe at Traill while she was sobbing, waitied for Jacqueline (who sort-of apologised once Kate explained the situation to her) to finish her seminar and we went for a drive up near Bridgenorth instead of going to class.

What do you do with someone who's like this? I've never had cancer before, so I've no idea what she's going through, and I'm not a doctor, so I can't really tell her that she doesn't have it because I don't know. My only experiences with dealing with cancer come from when I was tweleve, and it was mostly kept from me, though I did understand what was going on and why my Grandmother was getting so sick. You want to do something so bad to reassure her, but what can you do that isn't overstepping a line, or doing too much?

How Romantic?
I am now technically certified to give CPR/basic first aid. So... watch out, everybody, don't get hurt around me, because you'll probably end up dead.
"Morgan, what the hell? It's just a scraped knee, you don't need to cauterize it!"
"Oh... Really?"

Anyway, I spent Valentine's Day in class, then at a coffee house/bar drinking beer and listening to my friend's band. It wasn't a bad way to spend the evening, though I had to drag myself out of the house, grumbling to myself the whole time about 'acting my age' and not wasting my youth on the computer. We watched Fubar (it was Fubar night at the coffee house/bar) and laughed and rank and danced. Good times.
Have a pleasantly Blurry Picture From the EveningCollapse )