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(no subject)
Alex's grandma died this morning, so this week is going to get just a little bit crazier. Juggling the wake, funeral, and the two exams I have left is not going to be very fun...

Also, it's snowing. In Apirl. Fuckkkkk.

In Which I Try to be Optimistic
I went to Kate's to visit Steff while she was in town this morning, but she was pretty loopy from all the medication she was on. We played Scrabble and she got me to sign her cast. They had everybody over last night, and didn't think to ask me until it was too late to catch the bus bus to Kate's house (she lives on the other side of town). My life, much?

My netbook has some sort of virus that I can't deal with, but I need it for the word processor until I've finished my Restoration paper and part of the exam for that class. So I have to wait until then to either take it in to a shop or pray that Alex plans on coming home sometime in the very near future.
I'm probably going to have to take it in... le sigh...

I've started rereading the Lord of the Rings seriously now, since the four thousand level course on it was officially approved a few weeks ago. God, I love, love, love those books.

Progress Post, feel Free to Ignore
To keep myself on track. The goal for tonight is absolutely finishing my Classic Lit term paper, hopefully getting a good chunk of Restoration done, if not finished, as sleep is not really on the agenda for tonight if all goes well.
So here we go:

Word Count Score Sheet Below CutCollapse )

I love my little French coffee press, but there's this sludgy residue at the bottom of my coffee mug all the time. Is this good, caffiene-wise, or is it just gross? I can't decide.
And why is it that when I'm doing something stupid, like watching 'Regency House Party', I can stay up until 4.30 no problem, but when I actually have to do something productive, come 1.30 and I'm starting to get useless? Stupid body, grumblegrumble...

(no subject)
Three more papers, a test, and three exams, then I'm done. I have to keep telling myself these things to keep from insanity.

Reasons Why I'm Hating Life Right Now:
1.I've finished one of the two energy drinks I bought for my all nighter tonight, and have done NO work so far, as I have NOTHING left to say about fucking coins. NEVER AGAIN!!!
2.Those stupid friggin' Old Navy commercials. I was innitally happy when they got rid of the creepy Manequins, but the new commercials are almost as bad as the old ones
3.Did I mention that I friggin' HATE coins???

However, I'm indulging in 'My Life as Liz' right now, and that's making me kind of happy. Sully is adorable, can I have seven, please, Santa? Also, can my life get even just a smidge as interesting? I know it's fake and all, but still

So, sorry f!list, but you're going to be my punching bag tonight, rant-wise

Insanity beyond the cut. I promise I won't be angry if you don't readCollapse )

O, The Life of a Student
Alex surprised me by coming home last night, which was nice. I didn't get any homework done yesterday, but I'm trying today. My archaeology paper is due on Wednesday, and I'd like to have my Restoration paper finished for Thursday.
...I need to start thinking about my other two papers as well...

I need to start working out too, doing something, I'm horribly out of shape.

I'm Grumpy Again Today
And I've had this song stuck in my head for DAYS

A week's extention on my Archaeology paper (the one on coins)! Daniel James Thornton, I love you!!!

So, it is ten o'clock, and I have spent the evening watching movies with my sister cooling down after something of a sucktastic day. Tonight, once Sense and Sensibility is over, I will finish my assignment for Classic Lit (a review/cultural critique of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) and hopefully get to 1500 words for my restoration paper. My hope is to finish it (the Restoration paper) for next Thursday, hopefully freeing up some time to get my two other papers finished. Maybe I'll make it till dawn tonight, we'll see.

Feel Free to Skip This, They Are PlansCollapse )

Oh, World...
My parent's surprise 50th birthday party was last night. Mum was told by accident by someone at work, but Dad had no idea, and his face when he walked into the Legion hall was priceless. I then spent most of the night slightly buzzed and making a fool of myself on the dance floor doing what my sister called "river dancing". This is my life.

So now I'm desperately trying to get some of my paper on Augustan coins written. It's not going well, considering that I didn't go to bed until five-ish and woke up at nine thirty.

p.s. Nothing says 'I-snuck-a-water-bottle-of-booze-into-a-venue-which-sells-alcohol-and-I'm-being-SO-sneaky-about-it' quite like twisting the water bottle cap open and the carbonation making a loud popping sound, it was like being in a movie or something.

Excuse Me While I Go Explode
Going out of my mind right now.
There's an assignment due this afternoon.
I have to go to class to watch a movie, and probably should go to my other class so that I can hand in the aforementioned assignment, even though my partner is the one who has it...
This will take away from the time I have to write my Archeaology paper, which is now due in six days.
I babysit tomorrow evening, which takes away even more time (though, I suppose I could bring something along with me, and work while I set the kids in front of the t.v. (God, please don't make me actually have to do anything with them, like give baths or whatever. My patience is stretched thin as is, I won't have enough strength to make it through six hours without hitting someone).
My parent's surprise birthday party is on the Saturday, and I'm spending the whole day on that: decorating, organizing, attending. Hopefully I can bring along Old English and get some translating done during the lull period, I'm sure there must be SOME time I'd be able to...
Steff is guilting me into doing Relay for Life with her next weekend. Just... uhh... I have absolutely no problem with the event itself, I'm all for raising money for cancer research, I just don't have time to spend twelve hours walking around a track. But how to you say no? 'yeah, I know this is a really important cause to you.... but I'm not doing it'. And everyone else has bailed on her, seemingly, so what does one do?
Go insane, is clearly the only answer.

I'd love to go out tonight and behave like a hoodlum to honour my Irish heritage, but it doesn't look like I can.
Why is it always school or social life? Why can't I have both?