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Reasons Why I'm Hating Life Right Now:
1.I've finished one of the two energy drinks I bought for my all nighter tonight, and have done NO work so far, as I have NOTHING left to say about fucking coins. NEVER AGAIN!!!
2.Those stupid friggin' Old Navy commercials. I was innitally happy when they got rid of the creepy Manequins, but the new commercials are almost as bad as the old ones
3.Did I mention that I friggin' HATE coins???

However, I'm indulging in 'My Life as Liz' right now, and that's making me kind of happy. Sully is adorable, can I have seven, please, Santa? Also, can my life get even just a smidge as interesting? I know it's fake and all, but still

So, sorry f!list, but you're going to be my punching bag tonight, rant-wise

12.23 a.m. the pipes or soemthing keep making this noise that kind of sounds like someone snickering, and it's REALLY creepy when the house is all quiet and stuff

1.03 a.m. I know the paper is supposed to be ten to twelve pages long, but I'm thinking I'll be lucky to get to eight.

1.39 I'm at 1800 words somehow. If I can get to 2000, maybe, just maybe this might all come together

2.08 It has just come to my attention that one of my unicorn earrings is missing. I really want to, once the insanity is over, go through my room for Spring cleaning. I don't know what's come over me, but I know better than to waste such an urge, so I'd best get these papers over with.

2.35 Just hit 2000 words. yes, it took me an hour to write 200 measley words. Good news, though: the two energy drinks seem to be doing their job, I'm not tired yet.

4.04 Damnitdamnitdamnit! I just double spaced all of my completed paragraphs, and I'm only at 6 pages. I need to fill at least eight before I can feel okay about being under word count, and even then I think I'm cutting it close... Starting to feel a little drowsy, but okay for the most part.