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A week's extention on my Archaeology paper (the one on coins)! Daniel James Thornton, I love you!!!

So, it is ten o'clock, and I have spent the evening watching movies with my sister cooling down after something of a sucktastic day. Tonight, once Sense and Sensibility is over, I will finish my assignment for Classic Lit (a review/cultural critique of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) and hopefully get to 1500 words for my restoration paper. My hope is to finish it (the Restoration paper) for next Thursday, hopefully freeing up some time to get my two other papers finished. Maybe I'll make it till dawn tonight, we'll see.

-Finish 2300 Film Review
-1500 words Restoration paper
-read whatever play by Terence we're supposed to have read for tomorrow

-1000 words Archaeology paper
-2500 words for Restoration
-3 entires for Old English annotated bibliography

-finished translating the Wanderer
-read the next Terence play